Why Your New Member Class Matters

A church’s new member class is one of the integral parts of the church. Our new member class serves new and prospective members. We call it the Discovery Class.

In my opinion, the Discovery Class is one of the most important parts of First Baptist Church. Our Discovery Class is for everyone, but we particularly gear it for new members and those who want to explore membership.

We started the Discovery Class more than 20 years ago. During that time more than 2000 people have participated. We have seen significant effects for the ministry and growth of First Baptist Church through this group meeting.

What makes the Discovery Class so important?

First, the Discovery Class is an open door to our church. We use the Discovery Class to show who we are and what we are about. Many people become members of FBC as a direct result of the Discovery Class. In fact, many people join FBC at the conclusion of the class.

Second, the Discovery Class gives us a time to discuss values, beliefs, and emphases of the church. This helps us “all get on the same page.“ I see the Discovery Class as a significant contributor to the unity and harmony of the church.

Third, the Discovery Class helps make “the church smaller,“ meaning that it keeps it from being impersonal or intimidating. The Discovery Class helps make the church warmer, more intimate, and more relational. New members and prospective members get to meet pastors, deacons, and volunteers. It is indispensable in what it does for our church.

Would you consider joining us tonight or at our next discovery class November 4?

Joining us in this group will help you and help the church as we seek to reach our community for Christ.

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2 Responses

  1. I just went to the one in September and we have been members of FBC for 14 years So glad that I had went, it was a very interesting night!

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