Learning to Take Risks

Jesus was the great risk taker. He risked all for the sake of those who did not deserve anything He had to give.

God wants us to be risk takers as well–not for glory or adventure–but for the sake of His name and the advance of the Kingdom of God.

Learning to take risks is a practical measure. Take, for example, a child learning to ride a bicycle. It takes risks.

I well remember teaching my girls to ride their bikes. I encouraged them and ran alongside of them. I told them that falling wouldn’t hurt–much! What a sad event to not learn to ride a bike because you are afraid of the risks.

It’s the same way with learning to swim or many other practical and enjoyable activities.

Sometimes, it is the parents who are afraid to take risks. I think I understand how they feel. It is scary to let your child learn to live in a broken, fallen world. It’s frightening to let your child get in an automobile by themselves.

Risks have to be taken. This is especially true in God’s Kingdom. We must be willing to lose all for the Kingdom. After all, he who would save his life will lose it, and he would lose his life for the sake of Christ will gain it.

When the disciples thought it too risky to go to Jerusalem, Jesus led them along the way. He knew the risks of going to Jerusalem, but more importantly He knew the risks of not going.

That’s the way it is in His Kingdom. By avoiding risk we really risk what’s most important. We miss the glory of service and mission. We miss seeing new people know Christ. We miss the joy of knowing that the Gospel has gone to places that it has never been before.

Sometimes–actually many times–we wonder about the people who are willing to give up everything for something bigger than themselves. We wonder about the risk takers.

All the while they are wondering why we don’t see as they do.

Maybe God is wondering the same.

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