Do You Have Eyes to See?

Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear? Jesus spoke about the blessing of those who have ears to hear. He gave several examples of having eyes to see.

One of those examples occurs in Matthew 20. In this chapter, Jesus told His followers for the third time that the Son of Man would suffer and die in Jerusalem. On the third day He would rise again.

For the most part the disciples missed all that Jesus wanted them to understand. Soon after this teaching the mother of James and John came to Jesus with the request that her sons would reign with Jesus, sitting in the places of authority on the right and left. After Jesus told these two men that status in the kingdom was not His to give but only the Father in heaven, the others of the twelve grumbled about James and John.

These events make clear the fact that the disciples did not have eyes to see. The next event that Matthew recorded in the life and ministry of Jesus had to do with two blind men in Jericho who had eyes to see. They cried out to Jesus, calling Him the Son of David which is a messianic term.

Where the twelve could not see, they saw explicitly. They recognized that Jesus was the Son of God who had been given all authority, even the authority to cause the blind to see.

The crowds tried to make them be quiet, but these men would not be silenced. They proclaimed who Jesus really was, and what He had come to do.

Though blind, they could see the things in life that really matter.

Do you have eyes to see? I will write more about this tomorrow. Would you ask God for spiritual insight? Would you ask to open your eyes, ears, and heart to know Him and to experience the hope and joy that is found in Him alone?

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