On Signs, Signage, and Office Space

When it comes to building anything, it’s hard to finish.

While we have been in our new worship space for the last eight months, we still aren’t quite finished. Clif Smith and our Strategy Planning Team are continuing to work to get us across the finish line, but we aren’t quite there.

One of the areas where we are still working is the inside and outside signage. Soon you should see new inside signage, marking all rooms and areas, over the entire building. This new signage will make the entire building look as one–and we’ll get the restrooms properly marked!

We also have new signage for the large areas, the kind of signs that point you to the children’s area or the Fellowship Hall or Worship Center. That signage will take a while longer, but it is getting closer.

In addition, we need outside signage to direct guests and newcomers. That will take a longer period of time, but it, too, is getting closer.

We also have not yet been able to occupy our new office space. If you’ve seen our present locations for offices, you know that we need additional space and particularly space in a common area. We are excited about having all our pastors and staff in a common location. We are now expecting to get moved early in December. Hopefully, we will have everything in place by the time 2019 gets here.

I want to say again what a great experience we have had in building this new space. Your prayers, enthusiasm, encouragement, and generosity have made this possible. We aren’t quite over the finish line in any area, but we are thankful for how far we’ve come.

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