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Yesterday, I remembered with our congregation the “Great Recession” which began ten years ago this month. It was a difficult and unnerving time in America. For most people in our congregation, it was the most unsettling economic situation they had ever faced.

After relating a story about how Martha and I dealt with that difficult month, I asked the congregation what things in life they had to have. I told them of how Martha said “As long as” we have each other and our daughters’ families are well and we have food to eat, we’ll be fine.

What is it that you have to have? In prosperous days such as the present time, the “As long as” list of items can get long and, frankly, rather frivolous. But when life is hard, you begin to think about the things that really count.

What makes up your “As long as” list? What things really matter to you?

I would encourage you make that list in your mind. If you think about it soberly and carefully, I think you will find the list really is short, much like Martha’s list.

Think with me about this list.

First, what really matters in life? Isn’t it relationships? Isn’t it really “As long as” we have each other and our families and friends? Isn’t that what makes life meaningful?

Isn’t it a strong and growing relationship with God? Isn’t it about letting Him guide us through life?

Second, shouldn’t we be fostering and growing the things on the list? If these truly are the “As long as” items, shouldn’t we move them to the top of our lives? Shouldn’t we spend the majority of our free time in those areas?

Third, shouldn’t we live in deep gratitude for those things now? Shouldn’t we be expressing our gratitude and appreciation of those people? And shouldn’t we thank God for them?

Could I add one more question? Shouldn’t we be thanking God if right now is NOT an “As long as” time in your life?

We have so much for which to be thankful. We need to express it to God now and live in the “As long as” moments.

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