Life is a Journey

Life is often described as a journey. John Bunyan described it that way in his Pilgrim’s Progress. 

In the New Testament, Luke used forty percent of the Gospel of Luke to describe Jesus’ journey from Galilee to Jerusalem. He also used the two disciples on the road to Emmaus to reveal the resurrection of Jesus.

One of the most famous voyages of the Scripture describes Paul’s journey from Caesarea to Rome as a prisoner of the Roman Empire (Acts 27:1-28:16).

This voyage shows us so much.

First, the voyage of Paul lets us know the truth of Scripture that God will never forsake us nor leave us alone. Whether in prison in Caesarea or in Rome, God protected and cared for Paul.

Second, this shows us the importance of other believers when we are on the journey through life. It’s imperative as we go through life that we journey with other believers. God gave us the church for these needs.

Paul had Aristarchus (Colossians 4:10) and Luke to accompany him to Rome. Along the way, Paul visited with the believers at Sidon (Acts 27:3) as the ship stopped to load and unload its cargo.

We simply can’t do without the comfort, prayer, and encouragement of other believers. One of our responsibilities is to “bear one another’s burdens” (Galatians 6:2). To do so is to fulfill the law of Christ to love one another.

Third, this passage reminds us once again that Scripture is not a fairy tale or sentimental stories as many people (who have not read the Scripture) describe it. Luke gives us the best account of ancient mariners in all of ancient literature. The account and its geography fit all we know about sailing and about the geography of the day.

Finally, the passage shows us the good hand of God putting people along the way like Julius the Centurion who treated Paul with kindness and respect. Our God knows our every need. He really does have a purpose for us and desires us to make Him known to the nations.

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