Why is Life Filled With Storms?

Life is filled with storms. Maybe that is why we often find storms in the Bible. Jesus calmed the sea, and Paul and his companions rode out a terrible storm in the Mediterranean (Acts 27).

What should we take from the storm on Paul’s journey as a prisoner to Rome? Why is this included in Scripture, and what does it say to us?

First, life is filled with storms. While we could come to many conclusions, this one seems most significant. All of our lives are filled with storms. Life is difficult and running over with various circumstances. Jesus’ calming of the sea and the vision given to Paul that he and the other passengers would not perish show the concern of God and His power to carry us through troubled times. The same God who has been with us in the past will certainly be with us in the present no matter what storm we face.

Second, the Scripture is filled with real people who have real problems. While some like to look at Scripture as a fairy tale, all you have to do is read it once to see the reality of Scripture. Scripture is certainly true to life.

Third, God’s purpose is never thwarted. He fulfills His promises and carries out His purpose. Albert Winn describes Acts 27 as one of the most exciting and breathtaking parts of Scripture. It is entertaining and exciting and contains more information on handling an ancient vessel than any other documents of antiquity. “But Luke’s primary purpose . . .  is neither to entertain nor to give information about sailing ships. It is to show how God’s purpose of bringing Paul to Rome could not be thwarted, and to set forth Paul as an example of how a man of faith acts in apparently hopeless circumstances.”

Finally, storms give us opportunities to serve others and to have conversations about faith and life. Paul used the storms to listen to God, reassure the fearful, and share the Gospel. Paul’s character and God’s faithfulness both were revealed in the storm.

When we ask God to make Himself known even in the worst of circumstances, we are simply seeing what God has already done in the past. As we are faithful in the difficulties of life, we show what it is that knowing Christ does for us right now.

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