Getting Ready to Work in God’s Kingdom

Happy New Year and welcome to worship for the first weekend of 2019!

The first Sunday of the new year is always an exciting time for me. It also seems to be a time when the church as a whole expresses its readiness to serve and minister for the coming year.

Today is no different. I pray this will be a time of looking at what God wants us to do. We will read and study Jesus’ call to His disciples to become “Fishers of men” (Mark 1:14-18). We will do this in conjunction with our praying over two men–Tim Crabtree and Tommy Milazzo–who have been set apart by the church to serve as deacons.

This is also a time for a new sermon series to get us ready for a new year of ministry and service.

Beginning next week all of our campus pastors will begin an eight week look at the Book of Nehemiah entitled, STEADFAST: Joining God in the Work of Building His Kingdom. 

God called Nehemiah to do a special work. In 445 BC, Jerusalem lay in ruins. It was vulnerable in every way. God worked within Nehemiah to leave his important position with the king of Persia to go to Jerusalem to use his gifts to rally the people and to rebuild the gates and walls of the city.

During this eight week time, we will look at how what God said in the past applies to us as we seek to serve Him as we make disciples.

Please begin reading through Nehemiah and take your Sermon Application Guide to help you get ready to interact with God’s Word and His plan for His church.

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