Three Things Nehemiah Has Taught Me About God

During January and February, I am preaching though the opening chapters of the Book of Nehemiah. Like all preaching from a serious look at Scripture, this has been eye opening for me. It has reminded me of some simple–but profound–truths about God and our relationship with Him.

First, the Book of Nehemiah has taught me to wait on God. It’s really easy to go ahead of God rather than waiting for God to lead the way. The first chapter of Nehemiah is all about waiting. Nehemiah spent at least 100 days fasting, praying, weeping, and waiting on God. Nehemiah did not act until God opened the door and led the way.

We all must heed the Word of God to “be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 45:10). God is not blessing inactivity, but He does bless us when we seek Him with all our heart and wait for Him to go before us.

Second, Nehemiah teaches the power of prayer. I suppose this was the most surprising truth I have learned. Nehemiah was a man of prayer. Nine prayers of Nehemiah are record in the book.

Nehemiah lifted his needs before God. He exhibited the truth of the Epistle of James to seek God when we lack wisdom (James 1:5).

Third, Nehemiah’s experience teaches that God blesses what He wills. It’s easy to desire something and then ask God to bless it. Nehemiah shows something completely different. He shows that waiting on God for God to show His will brings blessings.

These three truths work together. When we wait on God as we seek His will and wisdom, we can be sure that God will bless our efforts.

We need to know these truths. We should also seek to live by them as we look to God for guidance and blessing.


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