Lessons for Leadership and Life

We all want to get things done, and we all need to be effective in doing the right things. I am convinced that God wants us to be leaders. In fact, all of us are leaders. Someone is following our leadership. This is especially true of moms and dads.

Nehemiah was one of the greatest leaders of all time. When you see what he accomplished and how he worked with so many different people to get it done, his leadership truly is amazing.

As I look at Nehemiah, particularly Nehemiah 2:9-20, I see four tremendous lessons for leadership.

First, Nehemiah dealt effectively with opposition. Nehemiah shows us that even when you have God and the Persian king on your side, you still will face opposition.

Nehemiah’s opposition came from those who were selfish and greedy. People like Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem were jealous for power, authority, and trade.

They ridiculed and mocked Nehemiah and those who wanted to rebuild Jerusalem.

Nehemiah did not let opposition stop him from what “God had placed in his heart.“

Second, Nehemiah surveyed the situation and the needs. Before he proposed to anyone what he would do he made a comprehensive assessment and determined in his heart how to lead the people to rebuild.

The peoples’ eagerness to build showed that they had wanted to do so, but they lacked leadership. Nehemiah supplied what they needed.

Third, after Nehemiah saw the need and determined a plan, he made a proposal to the people to rebuild the walls. They quickly accepted his plan as he told about the “good hand of God” which had given him favor. He also told how he had the favor of the King of Persia.

With such support and affirmation, the people quickly followed the leadership of Nehemiah in completing the walls of Jerusalem.

Finally, Nehemiah showed the people how God fit into what they were going to do. God had given Nehemiah a heart to build the walls of Jerusalem. God had given favor to Nehemiah and to the people of Jerusalem.

Nehemiah affirmed that the God of heaven had led them. As a result, he knew that they could and would build.

The result of Nehemiah‘s leadership was a engineering and construction feat of major proportions. In 52 days the people of Jerusalem working together, following Nehemiah, and depending on God rebuilt the gates and the walls of Jerusalem.

What can we do when we seek God and follow his ways?


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