Why I Am Impressed with Nehemiah

“What impresses you about Nehemiah?” What a great question to be asked.

Actually, there is a lot about Nehemiah that impresses me. Let me answer that question for you.

First, I am impressed with Nehemiah’s emphasis on prayer. Nehemiah prayed fervently and with importunity (as Jesus emphasized when He told us to keep on asking, seeking, and knocking). Nehemiah knew he served the God of Heaven who came down to minister to His people, people who lived in fear and disgrace.

Second, I am impressed with how Nehemiah listened to God. When Nehemiah revealed his plan and requested the help of King Artaxerxes I of Persia, he wrote of what God had placed in his heart. Isn’t that what all of us should seek? Shouldn’t we be so close to God that He is constantly placing His work in our hearts?

When we are so open to God that He places His plans in our hearts, we will see God at work. The remainder of the Book of Nehemiah shows how God blessed that plan and provided for the people of Jerusalem.

Third, I am impressed with Nehemiah’s fearlessness. Nehemiah faced a level of opposition that most people never have to deal with. Yet, he was courageous and refused to submit to those who wanted to kill him and thwart the great work he had been led to do. Like Joshua, he was strong and courageous.

Fourth, I am impressed with the effectiveness of Nehemiah. He had a plan to rebuild Jerusalem and he carried it out almost flawlessly. Nehemiah got people on board to do the work and organized them to accomplish the work in 52 days. This was a engineering and construction marvel.

Fifth, I am impressed about Nehemiah because the “good hand of God” was upon him. In my way of thinking, this is the greatest thing to be said about Nehemiah. Tomorrow, I intend to write about why God’s hand of blessing was on Nehemiah.

God blesses those who seek Him and obey Him. He blesses those who let God go before them and lead the way. That describes Nehemiah’s life.

Yes, I am impressed with Nehemiah but even more so with Nehemiah’s God.

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