One of the Most Poweful Statements I’ve Ever Heard

A couple of days ago, Dr. Jim Denison wrote about a man who was falsely accused and imprisoned for 39 years for a murder he did not commit. His name is Craig Coley.

He was released and acquitted because a detective saw that something was not right and took up his case. In the end, DNA testing and a detective who would not quit brought justice to Craig Coley.

While the story in itself is interesting, how Craig Coley responded to that is truly amazing. He is not bitter or angry or resentful. In prison, he came to know Christ. He is now helping people handle the difficulties of life.

In an interview with the New York Times, he said: “People that are down and out or having a hard time, my message to them is don’t give up, tell the truth about everything because the truth will always come back and support you.”

He also said: “Lies never do. And God can help you. He really can.”

His message of perseverance is a powerful message about how someone can handle the difficulties – – in his case, the horrific difficulties – – of life.

The statement that meant so much to me is how we should always tell the truth in everything because the truth will come back to support you.

I find that statement to be especially powerful and encouraging.

Craig Coley is living proof that the truth will always come back to support you. How important it is to speak the truth and to do so in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. When we speak the truth in all things and don’t use our words to manipulate, we are blessed and encouraged about life.

What a powerful statement: Always tell the truth because the truth will always come back to support you.

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