The Journey to Golgotha

The Journey to Golgotha

(We all need to make this journey)

Beginning next Sunday, we will begin a new sermon series at First Baptist Church entitled “The Journey to Golgotha.”

The messages will be taken from The Gospel of Mark. Mark’s Gospel may have been the earliest written of the four gospels. It is certainly the briefest of the gospels.

Many people believe (with justification) that Mark’s main source was Simon Pater. As you read this gospel carefully, you begin to see why so many biblical scholars think Simon Peter is in the background of the production of the gospel.

Mark’s Gospel only has 16 chapters and 6 of them deal with the last week of Jesus’ earthly ministry. Like all of the gospels, Mark saw the necessity and the absolute importance of Jesus’ sacrificial death and His resurrection from the dead.

There could be no gospel without Jesus’ sacrificial death. We will explore many of the events of Jesus’ last week. We will seek to live those events for ourselves as we look at the Scripture and allow it to touch our lives.

We all need to make the Journey to Golgotha. Please plan to join us each weekend as we explore the Gospel of Mark.

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