Let Everyday be Ash Wednesday

Today in the church, particularly the more liturgical churches, is Ash Wednesday, a day of confession, repentance, and beginning again. Those are good, Godly pursuits.

Everyday should be an Ash Wednesday. Everyday should be a day when we confess our sin to God, turn our backs on it, and seek Him to lead us as we desire to be closer to Him.

God wants these pursuits everyday. These should not be limited to a particular holy day.

These are some things we can do to make everyday an Ash Wednesday.

Make everyday a holy day. This is what God desires. Everyday is God’s day and everyday is holy to Him. As you read through the prophets of the Old Testament, this will become quite evident. One of the problems God had with the people of Israel was their keeping of “holy days” to the detriment of every other day. Amos quoted God as saying, “I hate, I despise your religious festivals; your assemblies are a stench to me” (Amos 5:21).

What God wanted was justice and righteousness toward others and for everyday!

Make everyday a day of confession and repentance. God desires that we take Him seriously. Therefore, everyday should be a day when we search our souls and confess our sins.

But confession must be accompanied by repentance. We must turn from our wicked ways. Jeremiah reminded  the people of Israel that God had given them adequate warning through the prophets He had sent prophets challenging them to turn from their wickedness and to repent (Jeremiah 25:5-6).

God must see us in the same way. He wants us to turn from our wickedness and seek Him.

Make everyday a day of deep prayer to the Father. Let us make this day and everyday a day we spend with God thinking about Him and what He wants in our lives.

Should our prayers simply be perfunctory? Should they be words only but not an attitude of the heart?

Shouldn’t our lives be spent in time with the Father, seeking Him with all our hearts?

And, shouldn’t everyday be an Ash Wednesday?

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