Live Steadfast–Pray

God has called us to be steadfast in His service. We are to be found faithful in all things.

The problem is that faithfulness and steadfastness do not come naturally to us. We are all sinful, broken people with a nature towards selfishness and disobedience.

How do we live steadfast lives?

Nehemiah was a man as we are. He faced the same temptations toward selfishness that we face. Yet, he stood firm and accomplished great things for God.

Nehemiah was a great man of prayer.

As I have said and written before, the most amazing aspect of Nehemiah’s ministry had to do with prayer. The Book of Nehemiah records nine of his prayers. You could make a strong case that Nehemiah’s greatest attribute was his prayer life.

What does prayer do for us?

First, prayer keeps us on track for the things that really matter. I certainly find this in my life. When I am spending quality time with God in prayer, I know that I am on the right track because I am on God’s track.

Second, prayer shows us God’s way. When God showed Nehemiah the need in Jerusalem (Nehemiah had never been to Jerusalem), Nehemiah continued to pray until God opened a door and showed him the way.

God blesses what He wills. Nehemiah succeeded against great odds because he continually relied on God in prayer.

Prayer should be at the root of everything that we do. When we pray and seek God, we put ourselves in a position to do the best things possible. As Paul said, we can be anxious about nothing when we are prayerful about everything.

Third, prayer puts God where He belongs–in front of us. Many times I put myself in front and God behind. Then I find myself asking God to clean up my problems. Genuine prayer places God in front so that He can lead the way.

That’s what Nehemiah did, and it showed.

We need to do the same. We can be steadfast people when we are people of prayer.

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