Have You Visited Home Point?

Last week, I dropped in to the Home Point room at First Baptist Church. I was amazed at the resources available for the family.

We established Home Point to bless families. We knew that families have their own special needs. We wanted to have a place where everyone would know where to go to receive resources and/or counsel about things that are happening in the family.

It’s hard to imagine a time more difficult for families. We are pulled in every kind of direction, and our culture is seeking to distort God’s plan for the family. It is not one way of distortion, but we are seeing this on multiple fronts.

We have come to what one friend calls a “multi lane cross road.“ In this kind of society, we need help.

Home Point will give you the help you need. You can find resources (books, pamphlets, recordings, and encouragement) on almost every subject and difficulty you can imagine.

I would encourage you to stop by and look around. It’s always open and always available. The room was set up so that people could walk in confidentially and pick up a pamphlet that would help them in their particular need.

Please take advantage of Home Point and encourage your friends to do so as well.

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