Jesus and His Triumphal Entry

The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem (Mark 11:1-11) is one of the vital aspects of the New Testament. This is evident by noticing that it is found in all four gospels and is emphasized by the events which occurred.

By entering Jerusalem in this way, Jesus showed that He was the promised Messiah. He entered riding on a donkey, fulfilling the messianic prophecy from Zechariah the prophet (Zechariah 9:9), and he received the cries of the son of David and of the coming king from Psalm 118, a messianic psalm.

His instructions about untying the colt had kingly overtones as well. When asked what the disciples were doing untying the colt, Jesus instructed them to say the Lord had need of it. These are the kinds of things kings said in those days. When the disciples explained that the Lord had need of the colt, they gave it quickly and eagerly.

Jesus’ entry also made the rulers of Jerusalem declare their hand about Jesus. His entry by such spectacular means meant that the rulers could no longer ignore what Jesus came to do.

Jesus’ entry makes us have to decide as well. Because of His declaration as messiah and king, we too must decide. C.S. Lewis’ famous declaration that Jesus could never be called simply a good man or a great moral teacher is still true. He is either a lunatic, liar, or He is what He said He is–the Son of God. Lewis said that no other options exist.

If we take Him as the Son of God. we must worship Him and give Him our ultimate devotion, knowing that He is the true God who has come into the world.

Jesus could not be ignored then. He certainly cannot be ignored today.

What will you do with Jesus?

Have a great week!


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