The Myth of “We’ve Got to Do Something!”

You’ve probably heard it; you’ve probably even said it, “We’ve just got to do something!”

I remember a church member long ago who went on a trip to look for an orchestra and choir leader for our church. When he came back to give his report, he noted how in charge the leader was. He talked about how when the leader pointed or gestured, something happened. He humorously stated, “If he pointed at me I would do something, even if it was wrong!”

We laughed and enjoyed the story, but I’ve thought about that through the years. I have thought of many times when I felt I had to so something, even if it was wrong.

That story fits Abraham and Sarah perfectly. They had moved from their home and family to a completely different land. God had promised to make of Abraham a great nation. They would be as numerous as the sand on the seashore, but they didn’t even have one child and they were old.

The promise of God made them think they had to do something.

They had to have an heir to receive the promise. Thus, they went about finding an heir. At first, Abraham seemed willing to let his chief servant be the heir, but Sarah came up with a “better” idea. She decided to give her servant to Abraham to produce an heir. As my mentor said, if anyone other than Sarah would have come up with such an idea, Abraham never would have accepted it.

They had to do something, and they did. It was a disaster.

They did not trust that God could do what He promised.

There certainly are times when we should act, but our acting should come at the prompting and direction of God. To run ahead of God almost always produces disaster.

How much better to seek God in prayer and to wait on Him. How much better to “pray through” the matter and leave it before God.

Waiting is hard, but when you see God doing what He has already promised, it is beautiful.

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