My Goal for Easter

Last weekend I revealed my goal for Easter 2019.

My prayer and hope has been that by Easter weekend 2019 we will see many people consider their relationship with Christ and will respond to God’s drawing them to Himself.

You may be one of those people who is considering such a proposal. What should you do?

Let me give you several suggestions.

Here are the things you can do.

Tell God that you want to know if He is real and if Jesus was raised from the dead. Put the responsibility on God’s Spirit to make Himself known. All you need to do is to surrender to Him.

Begin reading the Gospel of John. John’s Gospel is all about faith and belief. This will help you as you pray over and consider your opening yourself to Christ.

Read Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Faith” or watch the movie. You can find both in the Connection Bookstore on our campus.

Talk with a friend, a pastor, or to me. Your believing friend is going to want you to have what he has, but your friend will be kind and gentle as you go through the process.

Finally, let the church know that you have trusted Christ. We want to rejoice with you and help you with next steps.

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