Sending the Good News

I thrill to hear the stories of how the gospel is going out all over the world. Everyday around the world there is a day of Pentecost where more than 3000 people have been saved. Africa, Asia (particularly China), and South America are on fire for the gospel.

Don’t you wish we could see that happening in our own country?

Here’s something you and I can do.

First, we can pray for the harvest and for the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into His vineyard (the world). Today, new church plants are opening on an almost daily basis. This is particularly true in the big cities, where the gospel is least known. Our North American Mission Board is dedicated to evangelizing our continent.

Second, we can give above and beyond our normal giving to plant churches and to send out the laborers.

Each year Southern Baptists give to reach North America through our annual Easter Offering. Last year the 45,000 Southern Baptist churches gave $60 million for the work of the harvest.

Don’t you want our church to be a part of that? In your monthly mailing of offering envelopes (if you would like to be included with your own personalized envelopes please let the church office know), you will find a special offering envelope to use for this offering. You can also use your regular envelopes and note on the missions line and you can give online with the same designation.

Doing this will be a small step taken to take the gospel to the lost cities and towns of North America.

Please pray for the harvest, and please give to help make it happen.

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