Sending Hope

Last week I wrote about the opportunity we have to participate with 45,000 other Southern Baptist Churches to send missionaries, plant churches, and help in times of disaster across North America. The North American Mission Board helps in all those areas.

We have the opportunity to help make a difference by giving through our annual Easter Offering for North American missions. You have an envelope for this in your weekly offering envelopes which are mailed to you. If for some reason you do not receive your own personalized offering envelopes, please call the church office (985-892-2149). You can also give online and by texting. Last year Southern Baptists gave $60 million for these important mission projects.

The North American Mission Board leads in two areas.

First, they help churches plant churches through the Send Network. The North American Mission Board (NAMB) has identified 32 Send cities where the vast amount of “lostness” occurs in our country. They focus on church planting in these cities. You probably have supposed that New Orleans is one of these cities.

Second, NAMB works with Send Relief. Think of all the disasters we have experienced over the last few years. From the flooding in Houston to fires in California to the hurricane in Puerto Rico, your dollars help send relief to people who are hurting.

While these are the primary works of NAMB, they are doing much more than the Send Network (planting churches) and Send Relief.

The work of the North American Mission Board is really about Sending Hope, hope through the gospel and hope by showing love to hurting people.

We can be a part of that, and I hope you will.


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