A Church of Unity and Harmony

“All these with one accord devoted themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers”–Acts 1:14.
Luke’s summary of the work of the church records how the early disciples worked together in unity and harmony. Is there a bigger need today? Luke used the phrase “in one accord” ten times in Acts,  nine of which refers to the apostles and the disciples of Jesus. One time it refers to a mob being “in one accord.“ Therefore, it is imperative that we are “in one accord“ in Jesus.
Is there any greater need than that the church would live and serve together “in one accord?” How can the church live in unity and harmony?

We all recognize the differences in the disciples. Looking simply at the four Gospels shows tremendous differences in personality. The disciples were made up of men and women and people from many and varied backgrounds.Yet, they worked together to do amazing and astounding works, including taking the gospel to the known world.

What made the disciples work together?  What can make our churches have the same kind of unity?

First, they had shared foundational experiences. The apostles and believers experienced Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. They all watched Him ascend into heaven, and they all received the Holy Spirit.
Our redemption in Christ is important for us personally, but it’s also important for the unity of the church. Our common faith and transformation helps hold us together as we serve the same Lord and live out the same faith.

Second, their prayer made them in one accord. As you read through the summaries in Acts, you find that the apostles and early disciples were people of prayer. Prayer brings us close to God, and our prayer unites us in ministry and service for Christ. One of the things we can do to promote unity is to pray together.

One of the ways I like to pray together is to divide up in groups of twos, threes, and fours to pray. There is something very powerful that occurs when we pray together.

Third, the biblical writers constantly called for people to work together, get along, and follow the example of Jesus. Those are the kinds of admonitions that the church needs to hear repeatedly. Jesus told His followers not to be like those who want to be in authority and  have places of prominence. Those who follow Him are to be different.
As we hold to the authority of Scripture and seek to obey its commands, our unity will become much greater.
Finally, they all shared a common purpose and goal.  Christ told them to go into all the world (Matthew 28:16-20), and He told them “You shall be my witnesses“ ( Acts 1:8).

They recognized what they were supposed to do. Making disciples and evangelizing the world brought them together and kept them together.

Their unity had much to do with the fact that they all understood they were servants and slaves of the Lord Jesus.

When Jesus is first and foremost, the church will be much more unified.

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