Celebrating Graduates—Celebrating God

Today we celebrate over 40 of our young people who are graduating from high school.

What a significant day this is – – both for the students and for their parents and guardians.

At noon Sunday, our student ministry will host a luncheon for graduates and their families. It’s always a great time to remember and to celebrate.

It also gives us an opportunity to speak into the lives of these families.

I usually get the opportunity to speak specifically to this group. While I speak to a different group each year I always say something different. This year I intend to give them the example of three people I know well who have lived long and lived before God. I want to hold them up as examples for Christian living.

One of the great blessings of our church is the opportunity to be in a multi-generational congregation. This allows us to observe people at all stages of life.

Right now we have six generations in our congregation, beginning with the youngest (often called Generation Z or iGen) all the way to the Greatest Generation (400,000 Americans of this generation died to preserve liberty).

Each of these generations is important. God created us all and loves us all. Each person of every age needs to hear the good news message of God‘s love and redemption.

Let us celebrate our graduates, and let us celebrate God‘s love for each and every one.

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