Moving Forward

Last week as I checked in to vote at my polling place, I was served by a woman I didn’t know but who knew me. She was very friendly and very nice, with warm words about the church.

As I began to enter the voting booth, she asked a question I’ve been asked many times before: “Are you finished with the building or do you plan to build something else?” I always answer the same way: “I hope we’re finished!“

But, in reality I hope we never finish. I hope we continue to reach people and meet needs. I pray that God would show us new ministries to touch the community and to bless lives with the gospel.

As part of that desire, we are moving ahead with our plans to build a newer and better and larger Special Friends area. I have been so thankful for our ministry to special needs individuals and their families. Our plan is to renovate the area where the church offices were previously and turn it into a well equipped and up-to-date special needs area.

While it will take a considerable amount of money, there will be no heavy renovation. Our special needs leadership says that the present configuration is almost ideal for their ministry.

We don’t have a timetable for completion, but we know that God has led us to this point and we are looking forward for many fruitful years of ministry to come.

Please be in prayer as we continue to grow ministry and to seek to meet people‘s needs.

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