What I Wish Every Parent Knew

Over the last two days, I have written concerning leadership (“A Lesson in Leadership“) and Satan’s schemes (“How Satan Uses our Missed Shots Against Us”).

Today, I want to apply these lessons practically to the most foundational and effective organization in society.

Nothing has the power to effect change and produce good like the home. God gave the home and family first, and nothing else has as much power to make a difference in the lives of people.

Here is what I wish every parent knew.

First, parents are the first line of defense and the greatest positive force for good in the life of a child. You are a parent for a reason. God’s plan is for you to bless and encourage your child while training them in Godliness. There is nothing as important as what happens in your home.

Whether in strength or fatigue, you have a great work to do within your home.

Second, you will not have long to influence your child. While parent-hood seems forever when you an infant who won’t sleep, in reality that point is quickly behind you.

The earlier you begin seeking to show your child the ways of God and the lessons of the world, the more influence you will have.

Third, your values will be more “caught” than “taught.” When your children see you praying, learning Scripture, being kind, practicing patience, and generally showing them love, they will adapt those virtues to their own lives. Conversely, they will also learn and practice your vices. Be thoughtful, deliberate, and careful about your attitudes, words, and actions.

Fourth, you have the most power in the world to bless or to wound your children. Your harsh words can wound your child forever. Be careful what you say. I would encourage you never to yell.

Draymond Green (see the articles above) may be an unlikely example for a Christian blog, but his actions show how you bless and not wound.

Psychologists repeatedly talk about “Father hurt.” Fathers have the power to bless and to wound. Be careful with your words and with your attitude. You are determining very much of your child’s future.

Finally, I wish every parent knew the power of prayer to change you and to therefore bless your children. Ask God to give you what you need everyday to be the parent who can bless your child.

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