Four Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

“Marriage is good, but you have to work at it.”

I well remember the deacon at my church who told me this profound statement. He was trying to help me with my impending marriage.

How do you work at your marriage to strengthen it?

Here are four practical tips to help make your marriage even better.

First, talk, and don’t be afraid to tackle any subject. Marriages are meant to be collaborative. Almost everything we do in a marriage should be discussed with a view of understanding each other’s feelings, dreams, and hopes.

You really can’t know your spouse if you’re not willing to talk and to do so honestly.

If you can communicate at a meaningful level, there is not much difficulty in marriage that can’t be solved or made better.

Second, be flexible. Rigidity or stubbornness and strong, growing, meaningful marriages aren’t usually associated.

When you get married, you spend your life with a totally different person who does not think as you do about everything. That demands a certain amount of flexibility and patience. If you can’t be flexible about non-essentials, you are going to experience a lot of heartache. If you can be flexible, you and your spouse (and maybe your children, friends, and fellow saints) will be blessed.

Third, seek God through Scripture and prayer. God wants to give us guidance and direction through life. He does this through Scripture and prayer.

I usually am very blunt if two people separate. I often say, “Watch where you get your advice. You are not going to get much good marriage advice in a barroom or among uncommitted people.”

You strengthen your marriage the closer you get to God. Read, study, memorize, and meditate on God’s Word, and seek His will in prayer.

Fourth, make church a priority. “Church” for me means the people of God who meet together to worship, fellowship, and learn from one another. I’ve noticed how important church is for my marriage. Martha and I often experience how important it is to be in tune with God’s people.

If you want to strengthen your marriage, there are certain essentials. Do these things and you will find blessing and strength in all you do.

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