How to Help New Believers Grow in Christ

Today I want to take a final look at Vacation Bible School by looking for ways to help new believers grow in Christ. If you’ve had a child come to faith in Christ, a great question to ask is, “How do I help them progress along the path of becoming like Christ”? God has a plan for our sanctification (conforming to the image of Christ). How can we join with Him in that growth?

First, let the people around you in on what is happening in your life. The people around you–particularly your children–need to see you practicing the disciplines which help you grow and which will help them grow. Remember,  more is normally “caught” than “taught.” When we see others doing the things that count, we are encouraged to do them as well.

Second, make church the priority. All of our families have plenty to do. That is not the problem. The problem is making the first things first.

Church must become the “first thing”–the first thing in many good things. Your faithfulness in church will carry over to your children and others you are discipling.

Don’t be weary in well doing, and don’t forsake the assembling of yourself with other believers.

Third, teach them the basic principles of becoming like Christ. These are things you should be teaching: (1) Scripture reading, memorizing, and meditation, (2) prayer, (3) faithfulness to the body of Christ, (4) giving, (5) sharing what Christ has done for them, and (6) serving, among many other areas of growth as well.

We have a responsibility to help others know Christ’s salvation and to truly know Him. Let us all take up that great work.

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