Getting Prepared

As I write this article and go about all the other aspects of life, it’s almost impossible in my part of the world (Louisiana) not to think about the approaching Tropical Storm Barry, maybe soon to be Hurricane Barry with a landfall somewhere near us.

If your in the path of the storm, it’s my prayer today that you are making adequate preparations by stocking up water and food and filling your automobile with fuel.

With hurricanes and other natural disasters you have to make the preparations in advance. You can’t make preparations with high winds and driving rain. The effective preparations are made in advance, maybe with a checklist you have perfected during the years of major events and false alarms.

It’s the same way in our relationship with God. The best preparations are those made as early in life as possible and based on a genuine and growing relationship with God.

Jesus spoke about preparation often. He gave us a parable about a wedding feast where some of the bridesmaids were prepared and some were not.

We know something about what makes us prepared for a storm. What makes us prepared for the return of the Lord and for the inevitable storms of life?

First, we should be watchful in prayer, meaning that we should not be naive about the world and about our enemy. Being watchful means that prayer should be a constant part of our lives.

Second, we should be growing in our study, memorization, and meditation on God’s Word. God’s Word will prepare us for the unknown and unforeseen.

Third, we should be seeking to be conformed to the image of Christ. God wants us to grow more and more in Christlikeness. Week by week gathering with the church will aid in this.

Finally, we should do all possible to help our friends, family, and neighbors get prepared as well.

It’s sad not to prepare for a physical storm; it is the tragedy of tragedies not to be prepared for eternity.


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