How You Can Be A Better Friend

We all want friends. We all need friends.

Have you considered how you can be a real friend to your friends?

I’m sure there are many answers to this question, but these are some things I think you can particularly do to be a better friend.

First, pray for your friends. This is something I’ve had to do with intentionality. While I think of praying for people in need and for my family, I don’t naturally think about praying for my friends, but I can’t think of anything any better that I can do for my friends.

For one thing, anyone I pray for becomes much more dear to me. If you will pray for your friends, they will become better friends and more important to you.

Could I also ask you to pray for your neighbors? Your neighbors may be people who really don’t have a church family or any Christian friends. They may be people for whom no one prays. What a blessing you would be by praying for your neighbors.

Second, live with a joyful countenance. We all need people who encourage us. I particularly am encouraged by people who have a joyful countenance. They are such a pleasure to be with and an inspiration to be around.

You can be a real blessing to the people around you by seeking to live joyfully in your relationship in the Lord. Though we don’t have everything to be happy about, we can do as Paul said and “rejoice in the Lord always.“

Third, seek to love your friends and to understand them. We all want to understand and to be understood. You can provide a great service to your friends by simply seeking to understand how they live and why they do the things they do.

Though I’m not so good at understanding others, I deeply desire to be understood. Your friends do as well.

Finally, don’t give up on your friends. Continue to pray for them. Continue to seek to help them know Christ and to live according to His will.

Your friends need you. They need your prayers, your love, and your understanding. Do your best to give them what God has given you.

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