Learn to Guard Your Time

If you’re going to live healthy and work effectively, you must handle time. I am amazed at how quickly time and things are moving. For the first time in my life, I am even hearing teens talk about how quickly times goes by.

How can we guard our time so that we can use it for God and for good?

First, set aside a time for God in your life. This is my testimony: when I set aside time for God I am spiritually equipped for whatever may happen. If I don’t do this, I am left on my own.

Here’s another testimony: “Inner strength and spiritual fortitude are the result of quiet reflection on God’s word and being steeped in prayer. There simply is no formula that replaces that truth.”

Second, plan your life and plan your day. I find that one of my most effective practices is to look ahead and plan what I will do and how I will do it. For me, this usually occurs late on Sunday night. That little practice seems to get me ready for the week ahead.

Third, plan for emergencies by not scheduling back to back appointments or places you have to be. Emergencies will happen.

Fourth, learn to focus. You and I have a lot to distract us. It’s imperative that we focus on the immediate task at hand.

Focusing is a major problem. How many people die because of “distracted driving,” meaning that the driver is trying to do things other than watching the highway.

Focusing is also a problem in areas like writing blogs and preparing sermons and anything else you can imagine. Focusing on an area at hand and not attempting to multi-task makes us more productive. Recent studies have shown that multi-tasking harms productivity. We definitely need to focus.

Fifth, establish a time for your work. Sometimes I call this setting up a rhythm. For example, I have a time to prepare for the Tuesday Men’s Breakfast I lead. I do the same for Wednesday preparation as well as getting ready for Weekend Worship.

Having a time set aside allows for greater concentration and, for me, helps my creativity.

In the New Testament there are two words for time: Chronos, which refers to the movement of time such as hours and days, and Kairos, which refers to opportunity time.

We are counseled to “make the most of the time.” It is a great opportunity.

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