Growing in Ministry

It’s clear that all believers should be growing in ministry? This is especially true of those of whom God has set aside to do the work of ministry.

Here are some ideas of how you do this both as a pastor or church leader and as a member of the body of Christ.

First, determine to be like Christ and to grow in Christlikeness. This is also called sanctification.

Our salvation was a moment in time which is called justification. Our going to be with Christ, either at death or when He returns, will also be a moment in time. This is called glorification.

But sanctification, our becoming like Christ, is not a moment but a process. It’s a process that should be sought. We should pray fervently that we would become like Christ. This is a lifelong process to be yearned for and followed.

Second, be a lifelong learner. Two things amaze me. 1) I am amazed at how much you can learn over a lifetime. 2) I am amazed how quickly that lifetime goes and how much there is left to be learned.

Be a lifelong learner–and begin right now!

Third, read. Read voraciously. Read as much as you can.

My mother believed in reading. Her education plan for her children was simple, “If you can read, you can learn.”

James Clear says this about reading, “Reading is like a software update for your brain. Whenever you learn a new concept or idea, the “software” improves. You download new features and fix old bugs. In this way, reading a good book can give you a new way to view your life experiences. Your past is fixed, but your interpretation of it can change depending on the software you use to analyze it.”

Fourth, learn from others. Find someone else who does what you do and ask them to help you learn to do your job better. People love to share successes. Ask what they do and how they do it.

Pastors love to talk about “what’s working with them and with their church.”

The work of ministry is too important to not give our best to learn and to grow.

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