Wasting Time or Pleasing God?

Today, for much of the country, begins an unprecedented time in American history.

Schools will be closed and people’s lives will be disrupted. People will have to make gut-wrenching choices about crucial parts of their lives.

The church will have to find new ways to do its ministry and carry out its mission.

Will we please God or simply waste time?

While there are many decisions we can’t control, many will simply be limited by our imagination and willingness to do something different.

Let me give you some areas to emphasize during this time.

First, emphasize family. This time will put your family under stress. You will have a new routine and everything will be different.

Make time to talk and pray together. Reconnect with your spouse and use the time to bless your children (not just entertain them).

Second, use this time to dream again. Since you are having to do things differently, what can you do that will make you and your life better?

Third, connect with God and the people of God. Why not read through the New Testament? Or better, why not read through the New Testament with your children?

Make phone calls to encourage people who will naturally be discouraged because of routine, money, jobs, and illness.

Whatever you do, plan to please God and use this time to honor Him. The Apostle Paul challenged us, “Therefore, be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15-16).


  1. Darren Rowan
    Mar 16, 2020

    Awesome message Waylon.
    We as Christians should be examples not just in our family but for all.

  2. ken anderson
    Mar 16, 2020

    great post Dr. Bailey. i am going to share this with many others.

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