Things You Can Do as This Virus Intensifies

We are living through a national crisis.

This crisis affects healthcare, government, the economy, and how we will live in the future. Our health, future, and families are being affected.

But we are not alone, and we are not without hope.

Here are some things I want to encourage you to do as we wait.

First, pray. I want to ask the church to pray with fellow believers across the country at 7:14 PM each evening. We need concerted prayer. It needs to be fervent and specific. We need to ask God to break this virus and to shower us with His mercy.

Second, engage closely with your family and the people you know.

Your children and grandchildren will have questions. Talk with them about their questions. Read Deuteronomy 6:1-6 where we are given specific instructions to “talk with your children.”

Also, call anyone who comes to mind. Let them know they are important to you and that you are praying for them. I assure you they will be happy to receive your call.

Third, reengage with your “one.” Maybe before this your “one” wasn’t interested in spiritual things. I think that has changed. God is using the bad to do good (Romans 8:28) just as He promised.

Invite your “one” and everyone (Facebook is a powerful tool) to join in our worship this weekend.

If your “one” lives in southeast Louisiana or south Mississippi, invite them to worship with our church family when this is over.

People have always needed the Lord, but this is different from anything most people have ever experienced.

Let them know of your hope and encourage them to open themselves to God (1 Peter 3:15).

Be bold. This is the time to speak and to act.

I always feel better when I have something to do. These are the things to do that will matter in all eternity.

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