You Can Say “Thank You”

Yesterday I listened to Dr. Jerome Adams, Surgeon General of the United States. He was on a program answering questions about Covid-19.

He was asked multiple questions about masks, how the virus is spread, and even a question about grocery stores. I don’t remember the specific question about grocery stores, but I definitely remember his answer. When asked what we should do at grocery stores, he answered, “you can say ‘Thank You.’ “

He said, ‘say thank you to the delivery people, those stocking the shelves, and those checking us out.”

I couldn’t help but think that should be a basic response for all of life, especially in such difficult times.

Dr. Adams was making a specific response about the people who provide our food, but it needs to be so much larger than that.

Shouldn’t that be our response to most everyone we meet? Aren’t there other jobs that are “essential functions?”

Can you imagine how our world would be if we treated everyone as essential and someone that we couldn’t do without? Isn’t this what Jesus meant when He told us to do to others as we want them to do to us?

Life is hard all the time. It’s especially hard now.

Protect your mental and emotional health by looking out for the needs of others and caring for their health as well.

All around you are people you love and appreciate. Show that appreciation and let them hear your “Thank you.”

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8 Responses

  1. Good message but Jerome Adams along with the Trump Administration and Fox News have lied to and miss led the American people on the severity of this virus. Their lies and down playing have costs thousands of lies. Sorry if this comes off as negative but I feel that these leaders and personalities need to be held accountable for their neglect and failures during this pandemic.

  2. Politics is not the answer but God’s love thru us is. Look up for and say thank you. Love others until they ask you why

  3. Waylon, thank you for sharing God’s WORD, and this wonderful example of being humble with a thankful heart. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, the focus was on loving your neighbor, not upon the quality or luxuriousness of the Inn.
    During this difficult time, thank you for encouraging us to remain focused on Seeking God’s Will, while caring for those suffering. Help us to avoid carelessly instilling fear and panic. Satan is always ready to use those who hate GOD and HIS servants.

  4. Waylon, I’ve worked a dozen hurricanes and each time you as a worker just get worn out by day 7 to 10. The only thing that keeps us going for the remainder is the support and thank you’s from those you are helping. I agree, say thanks to each one you see… and a quick verbal “God bless and protect this worker, Amen” will add sugar to this lemonade.

  5. God has given us an enormous opportunity to counter fear, panic, misinformation (or even accurate information) with how we deal with this pandemic as Christians. How we walk, talk and handle circumstances now will lead and attract those who are on shaky ground. “Thank you” says calm. It says caring, present and aware. It says Jesus.

  6. Waylon,
    I watched a movie the other day ( it wasn’t very good ), but it had a great line in it “manners make the man”. You have hit a very important point. We should respond with thanks and good manners all the time.


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