Stages and Phases of ReGathering

Soon churches all over America and around the world will start regathering–what wonderful days that will be. We have learned again why Jesus died for His church. How good our God is!

As I have noted before, we don’t have an exact date for regathering, but we anticipate it will be soon.

When that happens, our church plans to move quickly to begin weekend worship services to accommodate as many people as possible.

This is the part I want our church to know–and other churches as well–this will not happen over night. In this situation, we will have to be patient and very careful.

At first, we will meet for worship only and without childcare because of the first phase of spatial distancing. In our building, it is easier to gather for worship than to gather for small group Bible Study.

That day will come–as quickly as possible and in stages and phases–but it may take weeks before it does.

A lot of the things we associate with church–coffee for example–will not be available. At my church, coffee draws a crowd and encourages closeness! We will have to forego that–for now, but not for forever.

My whole point is that we must work together, be patient, and focus on who and what matters in these beginning days.

If we do that, we will be fine and God will be honored.

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5 Responses

  1. Thank you Waylon for your uplifting words each day. The first thing I do in the morning of course with a cup of coffee is read your words of wisdom. And I know your words come from our Lord for u are truly a man of God. I have to keep your positive words n my mind to make it thru the day when fear and doubts enter my mind. And I trust your decisions regarding our worshipping together with all my heart. The Lord willing I will be there. God bless you and your family!

  2. Thank you for your guidance and love for all of us, as you have to make the tough decisions of how and when we can begin to gather as a church family again. God Bless everyone who is working to make this happen.

  3. Thanks for update we are all soo ready. Have been able to enjoy your sermons and Bible study on Boxcast but miss everyone and our beautiful building. May God direct you in this trying situatio

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