A Critical Month

The month of July will be a critical month in our country and in FBC Covington. At the same time that we need to be moving forward with re-opening the country, cases of the coronavirus have reached the highest daily total to date, according to John Hopkins University. At the same time we  are experiencing unrest in our own lives and throughout the country. 

At this critical time, FBC Covington needs to reestablish Ministries and to continue to “help people know and accept Jesus Christ and through Him to experience life-changing relationships.”

As a church, we need to pull together and put together our efforts to reach and equip adults and to train up children in the ways of the Lord.

This effort will not allow less commitment. It will demand greater commitment. 

The time is critical because we’ve been away from the gathering of the church through no fault of our own. While we can’t change the past, we must change the future by our relentless pursuit of living for Christ and sharing Him with others.

We must see ourselves as ministers of the gospel who are discipling people–preschoolers, children, and youth–and equipping the adults around us to minister for Christ and to serve Him with all their hearts.

We are facing the most difficult church time of our lives. 

This time is critical.

Will you be found faithful?

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2 Responses

  1. We are looking forward to returning to church and praying that day will come sooner rather than later. In the meantime we continue participating in our Connect class through Zoom, thanking God for today’s technology. We have also begun regathering with other small bible groups in our home & urge everyone to surround themselves In some way with other Christians with whom they feel safe. This time is not forever. God’s time is different than ours, but this will surely come to an end one day soon

  2. Waylon, it was an awesome day in God’s house today, my fourth since we were allowed 25 and 50 percent distancing. I am not afraid because our Maker is there keeping us safe. In my time at home my day is consumed with the Word of God and in prayer. I love to do my walking each day and talk to God about the suffering that’s still existing profusely. Our Church is in my prayers daily, along with all the Pastors and families. I am looking forward to a new norm when our merciful God is ready. God Bless you and Martha. I am looking forward to getting a “hug” soon! Love you both!

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