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How Temptation Comes

“There is a God-shaped emptiness in every soul. Our Creator made us for constant intimacy with himself. As his children, our deepest longing is to know our Father. Satan cannot remove our desire for God, so he tempts us to fill it with anyone or anything that is not God”–Jim Denison. “The more we sin, […]

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The Words You Never Want to Hear

Years ago I heard a sermon by a preacher speaking to young preachers. I have never forgotten the wisdom of his words. I’m so thankful he dared speak about such a personal and necessary subject. The message was the four ways that Satan tempts us. He talked about the flesh, how we use time, but the one that […]

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It’s the Little Temptations that Will Get You

Beware of the little temptations. I don’t worry about the devil in a red suit with a pitchfork, pointy horns, and a pointy tail. That’s not the danger. The danger is the little temptations. People don’t normally turn from God in one huge step. Rather they turn from God in a series of little steps. […]

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The Book Jesus Loved

Sometimes we can’t see the obvious, especially about the person of Jesus. For example, did Jesus have best friends? After all, while He was completely divine, He was also completely human. Jesus was close with many people. Three of the closest were Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, who lived in Bethany. Did Jesus have a favorite […]

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Sin And Its Consequences

“There is an emptiness and an incredible sadness behind the state of our world without God.” Erasmus (1466-1536), in his classic Handbook of the Militant Christian, advised us to “use temptation as a means to virtue.  If your inclinations are to be greedy and selfish, increase your donations to charity.  If you tend toward boasting, make […]

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