My 1000th Blog

Today marks my 1000th blog. What an interesting time this has been.

I published my first blog May 5, 2011. While I intended to begin the blog sometime in the summer of 2011, I hadn’t intended to publish when I did. The events of the day and my need to say something about them forced the issue.

My first blog had to do with the death of Osama Bin Laden. I remember exactly how I got the news and where I was. Right before I planned to go to sleep, I checked Twitter one more time. As they say, “it was blowing up” with the news that Bin Laden had been killed by American forces. After that, it was several hours before I went to sleep. My first blog had to do with how Christians should think of Bin Laden’s death. If you would like to see that first blog, please click here.

Not long after that first blog, I wrote about why I wanted to write a blog. Some of the reasons for beginning a blog are the same reasons I continue to write. If you would like to read why I wanted to write a blog in 2011, click here.

Probably the most surprising aspect of my blog (apart from how many people read it) is how often I write. I began by writing three times a week. Before long, I moved to five days a week and then every day. Since that time I have determined to take a day off so I normally don’t publish on Sunday.

I have settled into a comfortable routine and enjoy communicating with you on an almost daily basis.

My two themes for the blog have not changed. I write about pastoral leadership and Christian Living. Many pastors and many faithful followers of Christ read the blog. I am thankful to have you as part of my audience.

I also enjoy the many church members (both in Covington, Louisiana) and across the country and many other countries who read regularly.

Thank you for reading and helping me to grow in my skills and in my faith.

You can receive each post I write in your inbox by subscribing to at the top of the page. I hope you will do so and pass those posts you find helpful along to your friends.


  1. Tissie Gibson
    Jun 03, 2014

    Congratulations! Your blogs have become part of my morning devotional time. They are always informational and inspirational. Thank you for taking the time to write them.

  2. Roy Saint
    Jun 03, 2014

    Congratulations, you have minister to as a Professor, fellow pastor, friend…thank you my friend…You minister to so many lives!

    Jun 03, 2014

    so glad to hear that this is a comfortable routine for you, because I do so love reading your blog.

  4. Diane Baker
    Jun 03, 2014

    Your blogs are a blessing to us all. Thank you.

  5. wade partridge
    Jun 03, 2014

    Way to go ! I look forward to your daily messages every morning when I turn on the pc. They are the first thing I read in the morning. Thank You

  6. Ellen Harless
    Jun 03, 2014

    I have enjoyed reading your blogs!

  7. Bethellen
    Jun 03, 2014

    Your blog is so much a part of my routine. Thanks for taking the time to communicate. It always inspires me to a better person. Thanks for being a part of my life. I love you and Martha.

  8. Duffy
    Jun 03, 2014

    Thank you for sharing God’s word, your faith, and your time. We both look forward to your blog every day. Have you read Waylon’s blog seems to be the morning greeting if one of us has been up for a time.

  9. Elouise Martin
    Jun 03, 2014

    Thank you for the many times you have blessed my life with your words. I have truly enjoyed reading daily.
    God bless.

  10. Bob Donald
    Jun 03, 2014

    Happy 1000th………

  11. Jill Stogner
    Jun 03, 2014

    Happy Day! (for you and for us!). Thank you for enriching our lives.

  12. The Millers
    Jun 03, 2014

    Waylon your blog is looked forward to everyday, well at least the days that I am not convicted by what is read and especially appreciated when my family needs to hear something :))
    God has blessed you with the gift of sharing in a way that even what people may not want to hear can be considered.
    Your respectful, loving style allows me to share with many others.
    Thank you to Martha for her support of you.
    Looking forward to the next 1000!

  13. Patrick Brown
    Jun 04, 2014


    Your blogs are awesome! They have been the staple of our families morning worship since you began posting. I often find myself in prayer at my desk before I start my day. Thank you for taking the time to write these and thanks to FBC for all of the work done in this community!


  14. Celia Sims
    Jun 04, 2014

    Your blog means a lot to me and is a real blessing. It gives me a great reason for turning on my computer each day. Thanks so much.

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