The Attempted Assassination of Steve Scalise

I’m sure you know by now of the shooting yesterday morning of Steve Scalise, an aide, and two Capitol Hill police officers. Representative Scalise is in critical condition.

Please join with me in praying for Steve Scalise, the two police officers, and the aide and their families.

Steve Scalise is the representative for our area in Louisiana. He is married with two young children. I can’t imagine how awful this is.

Representative Scalise is the third most powerful member in the House of Representatives. He is smart, upbeat, and patriotic. Anyone who’s ever met him knows that he has an engaging personality and a kind way with people. Several years ago I had the opportunity to have dinner with him and others and later to lead the opening prayer at one of his Townhall meetings.

This is a sad day for America.

I think all of you could write this post.

It is time for us to be Americans first and part of a political party somewhere way down the list.

Within a couple of hours after the shooting yesterday I heard an interview with Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. He mentioned what we all should be saying to one another: it’s time to not be black or white, Democrat or Republican, but people who love, respect, and care for one another. Senator Scott mentioned the shooting in Charleston and reminded us what Jesus said in Matthew 5:44 is paramount for all of us. We must love one another.

I would encourage you to speak up when someone speaks in harsh, angry, and violence-inciting terms. We also need to let advertisers know we will not support those who encourage violence in the media.

These are troubling days. Fortunately, there are many Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill who meet together weekly to pray. Let us join with them in being people of love, compassion, and prayer as well as people who help solve the problem.

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  1. Marlaine Peachey
    Jun 15, 2017

    Amen. We have to forgive too, even though it’s hard sometimes. But when we realize we have been forgiven, who are we to harbor unforgiveness? Through Him, we can forgive, love and understand how He wants us to live as Christians. I am joining you in prayer for our country, our leaders and our countrymen.

  2. Tom Buell
    Jun 15, 2017

    Excellent words Bob.I pray for the injured for full success in healing and comfort for all the family members.Prayers also we as a Nation come together and work together for a common good.We can all have different opinions and open serious discussion without the anger and negatives which are currently often present.Let us all pray GOD BLESS

  3. Dawn
    Jun 15, 2017

    Steve scalise is a nice man. He went door to door during his election in my neighborhood. He listened when u spoke to him about my concerns for education, politics, healthcare, etc. I don’t understand why bad things happen to nice people but I believe God has a purpose. I will pray for all of the victims including the young children of Steve.

    • Waylon
      Jun 15, 2017

      Let us all be quick to forgive and fervent in prayer.

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