What You Can Pray About

I grew up singing hymns–and I loved it. Many of those hymns were about prayer. “Sweet Hour of Prayer” was one we sang often but I didn’t really get the significance of prayer being sweet. I also missed the power of “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” and its phrase about the privilege of praying.

It is sweet to come into the presence of Jesus, and it is a “privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.”

As we think about prayer and learn to do so, what can we pray about?

First, I usually encourage new believers to begin prayer by simply talking with God. God wants a relationship with you. While He doesn’t need that relationship, He wants you to know Him.

In a sense, you can’t miss on prayer. Just begin by talking with God. He’s ready to listen.

Second, pray for the hurts, pains, and anxieties of the people around you. All people are hurting. As you learn about the needs of people, call their names before the Father. You will be blessed as you pray–remember it’s sweet and it’s a privilege–and the people for whom you pray will be blessed as well.

Third, I believe in praying for people who are “without God and without hope.” As we pray, we follow the heart of God and we seek the work of God’s Spirit on their behalf. This article will help you pray for lost people.

Can you imagine people for whom no one is praying? There are millions of these people. Don’t let your family, friends, and acquaintances fit in that number.

As you pray for lost people, I encourage you to particularly pray for God to bless them. We often pray for conviction. It does my heart good to hear myself praying for God’s blessing for people who don’t even know God.

Fourth, pray for your church and particular people in your church. More than anything, your church needs to be closely connected to God. Pray for holiness and obedience. Pray for the leaders of the church. Ask God to protect them from the evil one.

Fifth, pray for yourself, but not so much in the way we usually pray. Pray for your own holiness and obedience. Pray that God would change your attitude and your response to other people. Pray for a sweet spirit and a forgiving attitude.

God is ready to change us. We must be ready to ask Him to make us new and different.

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  1. Judy Masterson
    Sep 19, 2018

    Quite often I’ll go through my day with some weird, random song in my head in which I know only a few words. It drives me nuts! Not today! Today it will be “What a Friend”! I know all the words, love the tune and will be reminded to pray for those I love! Thank you!

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