Learning to See

Yesterday we examined the question, “Do You Have Eyes to See?”

Everyone should ask themselves this question. We need to know whether or not we are open to the guidance and direction of God in our lives.

Another good question is, “How can I have eyes to see?”

Here are some suggestions for knowing God and becoming like Him.

First, submit yourself to God and ask Him to be your Savior and Lord. I often say to people that you need to make a deliberate decision. We can’t assume that we are followers of Christ. Have you made a deliberate choice to follow after Christ? In the passage we examined yesterday (Matthew 20:29-34), Jesus met two blind men at Jericho. They repeatedly cried out to Jesus and called Him the Son of David. “The Son of David” is a messianic term. They had eyes to see that Jesus is the Christ (Messiah), the Son of God.

Notice that in this passage of Scripture Jesus asked them a pointed question, “What do you want me to do for you?” While I don’t know the full reason for Jesus’ question, it seems that He wanted to know them and He wanted to know their depth of commitment. It does us good when we have to clarify our desires. They assured Jesus that they wanted to see.

When we deliberately say to Christ, “I want to be saved and changed,” we are beginning the process of becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ.

Second, begin understanding and recognizing God’s voice by reading Scripture. When we open our eyes and ears to God and His Word, we begin to recognize what matters to Him. Reading, studying, meditating, and memorizing Scripture helps us know God and His plan.

Third, set side time for prayer.  Recently, I have seen the need for a specific time and place for prayer. I need a time and place. I need a prayer closet where I am not distracted.

What should you ask in your prayer closet? Ask God to reveal Himself and His way to you. Tell Him you want to be different than you are. Ask Him to change you and your old ways into His new ways.

God wants you to know Him. Ask Him to give you eyes to see Him and to follow His plan.

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