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It Is Time for America to Grieve and Weep

It’s time for America to weep and wail. Anyone who watched the Sunday night second presidential debate knows that something is terribly wrong in America. We have two terribly unpopular and unsatisfying candidates to be the president of the United States. Many people have become disgusted with the whole process and are vowing to vote […]

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Where Do We Go From Here?

Any objective person can tell that those of us who care about the culture had a bad day Tuesday (election day). Washington state and Colorado both approved the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Maine and Maryland approved same-sex marriage. In the presidential race, abortion and same-sex marriage both received endorsements by the electorate (you […]

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What Now?

I am writing this on election day before the close of any state elections. At this point, we know absolutely nothing about the presidential election or the make up of the House of Representatives or the Senate. I have chosen to write at this point deliberately. For Christians, we need to remember some truths which […]

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Thanks For Praying

Forty days ago, I and many others asked you to pray for the forty days leading up to the November 6 election or for the forty hours preceding the election. I want to thank you for praying, and I want to ask you to continue to pray. Recent polling shows a consistent belief by the […]

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Should Christians Vote In This Election?

Should Christians vote in this election? I know this sounds strange to ask. I have been encouraging Christians to vote and get involved for all of my ministry. Personally, Martha and I always vote–tax elections, constitutional amendments, the whole ballot. I ask the question because I keep hearing people ask the question. Some who ask […]

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