FBC by the Numbers

Think of all the things a church family does. Sometimes it’s amazing to even consider. You might be able to make a list, but you could never really quantify what a church does. There are a few ways you can put a number to what a church does. The church’s budget is one of those ways. I want […]

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The Secret of Getting Things Done

“I learned that personal discipline is the indispensable key for accomplishing anything in this life. I have since come to understand even more that it is, in fact, the mother and handmaiden of what we call genius. . . . We will never get anywhere in life without discipline, be it in the arts, business, […]

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Our God is an Amazing God!

You may have seen this picture this week. If not, you have surely seen it through the years. It’s one of those pictures that really doesn’t seem possible, but it is very true. This is the last of the “Tunnel Trees.” These trees were hollowed out over 100 years ago (the 1880’s) to aid tourism in […]

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When God is Silent

Sometimes God can seem very quiet and distant. We sometimes feel we are all alone and that God is not hearing our prayers. I speak to people often about this need. What can you do when God seems distant? I’m sure there will be detailed answers to this question in many theological discussions. I also […]

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“I’ve Got This!”

“I’ve got this! I’ve got this!” Can’t you almost hear a four year old boy telling his grandfather that he doesn’t need any help? That’s what happened after Christmas when I took Reagan (age 8) and Luke (age 4) out into the woods behind our house to explore. They loved it, and just for the […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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